Why not buy IPTV Android TV Box with Lifetime Subscription?

The Android box with lifetime subscription is to install an IPTV apk on the Android box in advance for combined sales. 
Many people will be attracted to a lifetime subscription at first sight. After all, a single IPTV subscription requires an annual fee, and a lifetime subscription will appear to be a lot more cost-effective, but this is not the case.
We also sell Android boxes with lifetime subscriptions, such as TurboTVS and TU160 Box. During the sales process, we gradually discovered the drawbacks of such products. In order to better serve our customers, we will not actively recommend such products to Customers, customers who really need it, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the product to customers, and the final purchase depends on the customer.
The reasons why it is not recommended to buy a lifetime subscription IPTV Android box are as follows.
  • Although IPTV apk is a lifetime subscription, one purchase for lifetime viewing, but once the iptv server is shut down, it cannot be used, so it can only be used for 2-4 years, and as the Android box is used for a longer time, the IPTV version is updated, and there may be incompatibility between them, which further shortens the service life of IPTV.
  • After-sales service may not be guaranteed. Of course, not all sellers ignore the customer’s after-sales problems, it can only be said that the vast majority of sellers do. Because lifetime free is a gimmick in itself, attracted customers will not repurchase within a short period of time after purchasing once. Products that do not have a repurchase rate in the short term will be eliminated sooner or later. Therefore, there are no such products on the market now, and there may be a few sellers who still have one or two in stock.
  • The IPTV APP can only be used on the Android box, other devices cannot be used. This means that you cannot use IPTV player apk to watch shows on your PC, tablet/Pad or mobile phone.
  • The IPTV APK installed in the Android box cannot be tested in advance.
Therefore, it is recommended that you find a stable service provider and an IPTV APP that is suitable for you, which will be more convenient and have better after-sales service.
Now almost every home is equipped with smart TVs, PC, tablets/Pad, mobile phones and other devices. Every family member will have their own channel they want to watch, so more and more people are now willing to subscribe to IPTV streamers separately, which can be used on different devices, and it is easy to watch their favorite channels anytime, anywhere.
Currently, the better IPTV apks on the market include Iview HD, Iview HD Plus, Xtrix TV Plus, Fextv, SGHDX, iHDHD, etc.
Xtrix TV Plus IPTV code subscription Version with 7 Day Catch up for most popular and stable live tv channels in Europe and America.
FEXTV IPTV M3U apk 12 months global iptv subscription for worldwide live channels, and iptv on google chrome can be installed on Android tv box.
SGHDX IPTV player apk 1 year account subscription for Singapore channels IPTV quality view 
iHDHD IPTV Streaming code 1 year free download for Indonesia, Korea, Japan live TV channels.
Why subscribe to IPTV without Android box separately?
  • At present, the streaming on the market can be tested for 1-3 days for free, and then decide whether to subscribe or not.
  • Depending on your needs, you can subscribe IPTV streamers for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.
  • An IPTV M3U/code/account supports logging in on different devices, but can only log in and watch on one device at the same time, this is to enhance the experience of IPTV player, just like multiple devices connected to the same WiFi at the same time, it will affect internet speed.
  • After-sales service is guaranteed. Because as long as customers are satisfied with streaming after testing, they will subscribe and renew in the future, IPTV sellers will be more willing to maintain their customers, so that our customers will help them recommend IPTV APK to friends around her/him to Increase IPTV subscription and renew.
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