Why is My FIBRE TV GO IPTV Streaming Player not working 2022?

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we have been receiving a lot of feedback from customers that their Fibre TV GO IPTV subscriptions are not working anymore in February 2022.


Why are the Streaming Players not working in 2022?

We got news from IPTV service providers that FibreTV GO IPTV servers are being shut down one after another.

Some customers subscribe to IPTV for 1 year and can watch Singapore live channels, VOD and series.

Other customers have IPTV subscription 1 year and cannot watch Singapore live channels, on-Demand and series.

Customers cannot watch Singapore Live Channels with their subscribed IPTV app players due to the Streamers server shutdown.


How to solve Fibre TV GO not working?

Customers cannot watch Singapore Live Channels with their subscribed IPTV players because the IPTV server is down.

Although there is customer feedback that some channels are working, we cannot guarantee the stability of the server.

So, we will compensate customers who subscribe to FibreTV GO for 1 year from us.

We will use our customized SGHDX IPTV alternative a iptv-Fibre TV GO.

And the customer will use the SGHDX IPTV Streaming player for free as compensation.

If you don’t subscribe to FibreTVGO from us, you can ask the seller who sold to you for help. Because it is not an account we sell, we do not have permission to deal with it. But if you have other questions, kindly consult us. (WhatsApp: +8615014130100

What is the difference between SGHDX IPTV APP and Fibre TV GO IPTV APK?

The Streamers IPTV Comparison:

1)SGHDX  is an IPTV easy to use and an Upgrading Version of FibreTVGO.

2)SGHDX has the same channles as Fibre TV GO, including most of the Singapore Live Channles, but different IPTV servers and and the server of SGHDX IPTV is more stable.

3)SGHDX is only sold by our company, and there will be more efficient after-sales service.

   On the other hand, Fibre TV GO has many sellers selling it. Once there is a problem with the server, you may not be able to contact your IPTV seller, because some sellers have stopped selling this IPTV APP for a period of time before, and will not provide corresponding after-sales service

   Of course, if your seller is a reliable seller, I believe they will be very willing to help you solve the problem.


If your Fibre TV GO subscription from us has not expired, but is no longer working, please contact us promptly.

If you want to 24 hours free trial for SGHDX, kindly contact us on WhatsApp.

SGHDX iptv 1 year free Download Link: Click here

Any questions, kindly contact us on WhatsApp or Email.


Email: service@singaporeiptv.com

To learn more, please visit our Streaming sites (Support MasterCard only): Click here


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