TurboTVS Box Update Its APK

The latest new Sunshine TV APK updated on Feb 9th, 2021. Kindly download new:


Copy the above link to download and save it to the thumb drive, then install it to your Android TV box. Thanks.

  1. Delete the old Sunshine software. (Click setting to application unload Sunshine)
  2. Install the new SUNSHINE TV, press ALLOW when installing.

This link is the latest new version for watching the movie and serial Drama and TODAY FILM. http://jins365.com/

Newsunshine TV APK 软件: https://iptvintvbox.com/suntv

复制以上链接网址到电脑IE地址栏,下载到U盘插入 安卓Android机顶盒安装。谢谢!


这链接是看电影,连续剧今日影视2021年2月18日最新版本: http://jins365.com/