One Month Free MYIPTV replace for you 2

Currently, HDC9999/Blackbox C608 plus/Blackbox C808 Plus/Qbox 5000 server is down, much channels can’t watch these days. So we don’t suggest to subscribe when your box need to renew.

During EURO Cup France, in order to let you can watch channels correctly, we support one month FREE MYIPTV.

MYIPTV gets EURO cup channels too. Only need you install MYIPTV app to your android tv box,and send the screen MYIPTV number to activate.

(PS: Condition: you bought the box from our website, and Email us your order ID and box mode)


  1. 1 month free trial for myiptv pls. Tks

    Musrin marof
    1. Please pay one month to test,it’s no free test.

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