MYIPTV 4K Latest Version VS old version

What is the difference between MYIPTV 4K the latest version and the old version?

The difference between the latest version and the old version:

1) Activation method has changed.

The old version is registered by the account and password and activated when login in and entering the activation code.

The new version is to activate directly by logging in to the account and password.

2) Change the password.

The old version can change the login password.

The new version cannot change the login password.

How to download the latest version of MYIPTV 4K?

1) Open the browser of your Android device and enter the free download link:

2) Click download and install

How to subscribe or renew the latest version of MYIPTV 4K?

1) Enter the website:

2) Select Android Box – Sub Card

3) Select MYIPTV IPTV Streaming and click Subscribe

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