iFibre Cloud i9 Plus wifi connect problem?

One of our customer ask us a question once he get the iFibre Cloud i9 plus box.

His question: “I have been testing it all day, both wired LAN and WiFi, it seems very sad that the tv box auto disconnecting from the wired LAN after 15 minutes sometimes more and less and after that, I close and open and change between apps, then it shows no ethernet connected in the tv box. And the WiFi is making the apps too laggy. I have 150 MBS downloads and 100 uploads and fiber internet, so I am kinda confused, otherwise, I am very happy with the product, and I would be happy if you maybe do have any advice or a solution for me. Thanks in advance.”

Answer: Please try to check if you use VPN to connect?

One day after, customer feedback: “Hi, yes I have been using VPN, is it why lan ethernet won’t work? And I also have good news, all day yesterday the WiFi was working well on the box 👍”

Finally, the problem solve.


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