How To Stop IPTV Not Working Issue?

How to Fix / Solve IPTV App Not Working Issue?

There are 5 ways to solve IPTV problems, please start with the first way. If the first way can solve your IPTV problem, you don’t need to go down. If the first way can’t solve the IPTV Streaming problem, you can follow the steps below. The second method, if the second method cannot be solved, proceed to the next step.

1) Restart the router: Turn off the router for 5 minutes, then turn it on again. 

A network reset can fix most problems with IPTV.

2) Clear IPTV cache data and restart.

Just Follow some basic stop to Clear IPTV cache data.

Step 1: From any Home screen, tap Apps.
Step 2: Tap Settings.
Step 3: Enter ‘APPLICATIONS,’ then tap Application manager.
Step 4: Find and click IPTV.
Step 5: Tap Clear cache button.
Step 6: Tap Clear data button, then click OK.

3) Uninstall the IPTV app and reinstall it.

Free IPTV apk Download link:

4) Switch decoding mode.

Different IPTV decoding modes are different, you can consult your seller.
Some IPTVs do not have a decoding mode, which can be assisted by downloading a player.
For example, MYIPTV does not have a decoding mode, but you can download MX Player for auxiliary playback. You only need to restart MYIPTV after downloading MX Player.

5) Seek help from sellers.

Send the IPTV name you are using and the problem to your seller in the form of a picture or video, which will help you quickly find the problem and solve it in time.

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