How to solve V9 PRO HD\V8 Golden “encrypted program” ?

Dear Friends:
There is a new software release for V8 Golden and V9 Pro today. We advise you to upgrade to your box.

Please follow the below mentioned step to upgrade:
Notice: Please do the following steps :

1:Download all the software, put all the software on the USB flash drive, and then connect the USB flash drive to the USB interface of the machine.
Confirmed = Upgrade Mode = ALLcode!! ,

2:Menu >Tools >USB Upgrade >(Upgrade Mode = Maincode ) >(Upgrade File =v8_golden_sg s+cv8_golden_sg11-26 007 or v9_pro_sg_only_cablev9_pro_sg_cable11-26008)>>Start >> YES. Burn flash!

3:If you restart show CS Protocol !!
Please contact your seller, the seller will provide the corresponding account for free.
1=Press the remote control (OK), Are you sure to import data >yes>ok. 

2=Then to Apply , Are you suer to apply> yes.

3:Set up the box network ,Auto=Detectde new user db,Are you update>> yes, >>Are you sure to burn flash>> yes.


If you have any question , please feel free to contact me   +8615014130100


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