How to solve TU160 box and S8 box can’t use Fibre TV GO IPTV?

As FibreTV IPTV streaming services are being shut down, streaming devices with Fibre TV GO IPTV lifetime subscription will no longer be able to use FibreTVGO IPTV to watch Singapore Live Channels.

This means that android box all channels free and iptv movies can not continue to watch.

If you have bought Fibremedia TU160 box or FibreBox S8, please checking your TU160 box or S8 box with lifetime subscription for Fibre TV GO IPTV Streaming, and make sure IPTV no sound and picture.

What’s the difference between Fibremedia Tu160 and Fibrebox S8?

Fibremedia Tu160 Android TV BoxSingapore Starhub Fibre IPTV TV Box S8 1

94224542_889547838175720_5822852493658292224_oFibre TV Box- Fibrebox S8 Android TV Box

Both are Fibre TV Box for Singapore Live Channels, and using same server too.

This means both Fibre TV box’s channels are same. Such as Google Play, Netflix, Youtube are available for both.
Fibremedia TU160 is running Android OS 7.1, with 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM. But Fibrebox S8 is running Android OS 6.1 and with 1GB/8GB (RAM/ROM).

How to sovle Fibremedia TU160 box and  can’t use IPTV lifetime subscription?

Fibremedia TU160 box or FibreBox S8 box can’t use IPTV lifetime subscription because of FibreTV IPTV streaming services were shutdown,

Although the service provider has always emphasized that the Android box comes with a IPTV lifetime subscription, service provider does not give distributors any compensation for Fibre TV IPTV streamers server shutdown.

But as a seller, we will still be responsible to our customers, and we will try our best to make up for the loss of our customers in our own way.

If your TU160 or S8 box can no longer watch Live Streaming, kindly contact us.

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After this incident, more and more of our customers began to pay attention to IPTV with yearly subscription or yearly payment.

What is the difference between IPTV with a yearly subscription and a lifetime subscription box?

A lifetime subscription and yearly subscription IPTV Compare:

1.The way to subscribe is different.

A yearly subscription requires payment every year to watch Live Streaming.

A lifetime subscription, also called one time subscription, is sold together with the Android TV box. Customers pay for the Android box and lifetime subscription once, and then they can watch Live channels until the server shuts down.

Of course, few sellers tell customers that this server is closed for at most 3 years. If customers are unlucky, they may not be able to use the so-called lifetime subscription after purchasing for less than half a year.

2.After-sale guarantees are different.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, after the FibreTV server shuts down, customers who subscribe to Fibre TV GO yearly are compensated by the service provider, and we also give the compensation to our customers truthfully.

For customers who purchased a lifetime subscription box, the service provider did not give any compensation. Although we are a seller, we are just as deceived as our customers. Lucky customers will get some compensation when they

meet good sellers, while less fortunate customers can only bear the loss silently.

Which IPTV app can replace watching all the Singapore Live Streaming on FibreTVGO?

Android box best apps instead of Fibre TV GO is SGHDX IPTV App Player.

SGHDX is Fibre TV IPTV’s upgrading version with more stable server.

SGHDX is a customized IPTV Streaming Player with the most complete live channels in Singapore.

If you want to get 24 hours free trial for SGHDX, pls tell me and Click here.

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