How to renew Singapore cable tv box now?

Buy CCcam Account & Zcam Account subscription for Blackbox C801 Plus or others?

Some people’s Blackbox C801 Plus can not watch starhvb channels after one year because their Blackbox Subscription is expired.

When they renew Blackbox Subscription and are very confused. There are so many types, order Icam, Zcam or CCcam accounts for their expired Blackbox C801 Plus?

In fact, there are only 2 options, one is Cccam account Subscription and another option is Zcam account Subscription. Icam account was not available from 2017 September, and the Icam server is totally cracked.
So just choose Zcam account and Cccam account for your Blackbox C801 Plus is fine.

What is the difference between Zcam and Cccam Account subscription?
No worries, the contents are 100% same, and channels are same, EPL+ 2018 FIFA World Cup + All Starhvb channels are available for both. The only difference is that they are from different factories.

How much are Zcam and Cccam account? sell SGD$75/Year for Zcam account subscription and SGD$90/Year for Cccam account subscription

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