How to Install third-party Apps to Smart TV?

Third-party applications are related software developed by other organizations or individuals that are not the software compilers for the deficiencies or loopholes in the application functions of a certain software.
Third-party apps that cannot be searched for and downloaded from your device’s app store or Google Store.
Take the installation of FEXTV iptv apk to Smart TV as an example.
FEXTV iptv free download link: 
Install IPTV app on Samsung or LG Smart TV:
  1. Download the Smart IPTV APP (the latest version is to use the U disk to download the downloaded file and install it).
  2. Open Smart IPTV APP to get MAC number.
  3. Open the website: Enter the MAC number and FEXTV iptv M3U and click to activate.
  4. After restarting the Smart IPTV APP, it will automatically jump to the channel list.
Install FEXTV iptv apk on Android Smart TV
  • If the Android TV supports the use of third-party apps:
  1. Open browser or Google Chrome to download and install to Android TV via FEXTV iptv app free download link.
  2. Open FEXTV iptv apk and enter the account to log in.
(This needs to be tested, there is no guarantee that all Android TVs can be used)
  • If the use of third-party apps is not supported:
  1.  Download the “Download” APP.
  2. Open Unknown Sources Permission: Settings-My Fire TV-EEVELOPER OPTIONS-ADB Debugging-ON-Apps from Unknown Sources-Turn On.
  3.  Open the “Download” APP, enter FEXTV iptv apk download link, click to download and install.
  4. Open FEXTV iptv apk and enter the account to log in.
  • Applicable Country: most mainstream channels in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and the Middle EastFrance, Arabic, Africa, UK, US, Sudan, Germany, Canada, Russia, Netherlands, Albania, Spain, Turkey, Greek, etc.).
  • Channels: Worldwide live channels
  • Language: 15 languages can be switched
  • FEXTV devices support:
  1. Fire Stick (IPTV on Amazon stick)
  2. DVB Box (IPTV on DVB Box)
  3. MAG Box (IPTV on MAG Box)
  4. Samsung/LG Smart TV (IPTV on Samsung or LG Smart TV)
  5. iPhone & iPad iOS (IPTV on Apple or iOS devices)
  6. Android TV Box & Android Phone & Android Pad (IPTV on Android TV box or Android devices)
  7. KODI / Smart IPTV / GSE IPTV APP / IPTV Smaters (IPTV playlist M3U or iptv xtream codes api for IPTV Smarters or GSE IPTV)
If you want to test FEXTV on your Smart TV or other devices, 
kindly contact us on WhatsApp for FEXTV iptv M3U or account free trial.
WhatsApp:  +8615014130100
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