How to install IPTV Steaming Apk on Android TV Box?

First, we need to know what is IPTV.
IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is to watch live (LIVE) and on-demand (VOD) TV on the IPTV APP application through the network.
There are many kinds of media streaming, which are mainly distinguished by the national channels included in iptv stearmers. Customers in different countries use different IPTVs, such as FEXTV iptv m3u subscriptions, Iview HD series iptv streamers, SGHDX iptv player apk, iHDHD iptv code subscription, etc.
In terms of live broadcast (LIVE), some IPTV channels also have rewatching and time shifting. Generally, you can choose the programs of each radio station in different time periods within a week, and choose the ones you like or drop, so that the user experience will be better.
In general, the the streaming is no longer a simple passive TV viewing, but a better choice for your favorite chennels.
The above are the functions of the popular smart TV or VOD systems operated by operators on the market. In fact, there is no uniform standard for the functions of IPTV. The main purpose of running an IPTV system is to meet people’s demand for TV programs. People in different countries like to watch different channels, and different TV streaming application can meet the needs of different people.
Many TV stations in foreign countries are private, the subscription price of these TV channels is very expensive. IPTV apps allows people to watch more TV channels at a lower price.
Then we need to know what is an Android TV box.
Android TV box carries the traditional TV box with the android system launched by google company, and connects the TV with the Internet to make the TV a smart platform like smartphones and tablet computers, combining the network and TV to become a new set of entertainment system. Users can install and uninstall software, games and other applications by themselves to achieve “unlimited content, unlimited applications” of this type of TV. However, the programs watched by traditional TVs are fixed and cannot be connected to the Internet, nor can they control TV programs according to consumers’ own preferences, and do not have content and applications that can be loaded.
People buy set-top boxes mainly to subscribe to IPTV, because all Android boxes can install IPTV apk, but because Android boxes are divided into Google certified Android boxes, also known as ATV Android boxes, and Android boxes that are not certified by Google but based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). The two Android boxes have different ways to download IPTV apk. So next, we will introduce how to install IPTV APP on each of these two boxes.
AOSP, the full name of “Android Open Source Project”, originated by Google, is mainly used for mobile device systems. It gives you the freedom to make a fully customizable user interface, allowing the addition of custom launchers and applications so that you can create your own unique experience for your users.
The first type is the Android box based on the secondary open source development of AOSP (Android Open Source Project).
Which of these Android boxes are more compatible with IPTV APPs?
The compatibility between the Android box and IPTV APP mainly depends on the chip of the Android box. After the market test, the known chips with relatively strong compatibility are Amlogic S905X3, and the boxes equipped with this chip are X88 Pro X3 and H96 Max X3.
H96 Max X3 Amlogic S905X3 Android 9.0 Smart TV Box
The latest chips have not been tested by the market, such as X4 chips, so there is no special recommendation. Amlogic S905X4 is currently known to be incompatible with Iview HD/Xtrix TV / ATV/iview HD Plus / Xtrix TV Plus / ATV Plus. We will do a detailed introduction after we test them.
Most Rockchip chips are not recommended, but you can try, or confirm with the seller whether they have been tested before purchasing. Currently, we have tested and recommended H96 Max-RockChip 3318 and MX1-SE-RockChip 3228A.
If you subscribe to FEXTV iptv streaming or 88TV iptv app, it is better not to buy an Android box with RockChip 3566 chip, such as H96 Max, X88 Pro 10,X96 X6, T95 Plus, HK1 RBOX R2, HK1 RBOX R3,etc.
IPTV smarters apk subscription recommendation:
FEXTV IPTV apk free download link: 
Iview HD Plus IPTV code subscription Version with 7 Day Catch up for most popular and stable live tv channels in Europe and America.
Iview HD Plus apk free download link:
SGHDX IPTV player apk 1 year account subscription for Singapore channels IPTV quality view 
SGHDX IPTV apk free download link: 
iHDHD IPTV Streaming code 1 year free download for Indonesia live TV channels.
iHDHD IPTV apk free download link:
How to install IPTV APPs in the Android TV box developed by the secondary open source based on AOSP?
1)Search And Download Via Google Chrome
Step 1:Copy and paste the IPTV APK download link into Google browser on android tv box
Step 2:Click “Download” and install to the Android TV box.
2)Install IPTV Apk Via USB Flash Disk
Step 1:Enter IPTV APK download link in the browser on your PC
Step 2:Click “Download” and install to your USB flash disk
Step 3:Connect USB flash disk to your android tv box
Step 4:Find the IPTV apk you downloaded on the USB flash disk and click install
The ATV in the Android box refers to the meaning of being certified and authorized by Google.
Android boxes certified by Google will be marked with ‘Google Player’, and the remote that comes with the box will also have a dedicated button for “Google Player.”
Advantages of ATV Android boxes:
Apps in The ATV Android box can be updated automatically, no need to manually upgrade like the AOSP Android box.
Disadvantages of ATV Android boxes:
The ATV Android box is not customizable and cannot be changed in shape or configuration.
The ATV Android box has a small memory and runs slowly, and the RAM/ROM can only choose 1G/8G , 2G/8G and 2G/16G.
Currently there are Ematic – 2G/8G, HAKO mini,NVIDIA Android boxes, Google Android boxes and Amazon Android boxes on the market for ATV devices.
How to install streaming apps on an Android box certified and authorized by Google.
Step 1:Go into android tv box Settings and turn on Unknown Sources for Chrome  Browser or any browser that you are using to download with.
Step 2:Open Chrome Browser on your set-top box and type the following URL into the  address bar
Step 3:You will notice that the streaming APK install file will download to your android tv box.
Step 4:Open the File Explorer on your system, go to Download folder,  and click the Downloader APK file to install it.
Step 5:You may be prompted to allow Unknown Sources for each app  that can install and you should do this for each one. (Settings – My Fire TV – EEVELOPER OPTIONS – ADB Debugging – ON – Apps from Unknown Sources – Turn On)
Step 6:Open the “Download” APP, enter the streaming apps download link and click to download and install.
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