How to Fix can’t connect right now Wi-Fi issue in an IPTV Android tv box?

The IPTV set-up box is equipped with the traditional TV box of the Android system launched by Google, which connects the TV with the Internet, making the TV a smart platform like a smartphone and a tablet, and combining the network and TV into a new entertainment system.
So only The Android TV box is connected to the network in order to use it and enjoy the convenience it brings.
How to solve the problem that the Android TV box we purchased cannot display the Wi-Fi list? 
First of all, we need to know what Wi-Fi is and how does it work.
What is WiFi?
WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity and refers to a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance and is a wireless wireless local area network technology for devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standard, which aims to improve the interoperability between wireless networking products based on the IEEE 802.11 standard.
WiFi radio waves typically have a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz or 5.8 gigahertz. These two WiFi bands are then subdivided into multiple channels, each of which may be shared by many different networks at the same time.
Because WiFi relies on radio waves, WiFi networks can be disrupted by interference from other WiFi networks or various electronic devices, including microwaves, cordless phones, refrigerators, televisions, transistor radios, or Bluetooth devices.
2.4GHz center frequency range 2.412GHz-2.484GHz
There are 14 channels in total, 13 channels (1-13) available in China and 11 channels (1-11) available in the United States
Advantages: strong signal, low attenuation, strong wall penetration, long coverage distance
Disadvantages: narrow bandwidth, slow speed, large interference
5GHz center frequency range 4.915GHz-5.865GMz
A total of about 200 channels are divided, the channels available in various countries can be referred to
Advantages: Wider bandwidth, faster speed, less interference
Disadvantages: weak signal, large attenuation, poor wall penetration, short coverage distance
How do Android devices and iOS devices connect to Wi-Fi?
Step 1:Register and activate broadband service with your local telecom operator
Step 2:Connect the broadband network cable to the router’s network receiving port, so that the router becomes a network converter, and any electronic device that has the function of linking Wi-Fi can connect to the network. You can also link the router’s network outgoing port with an electronic device with a network receiving port through a network cable. Because the router’s network outgoing port can have 2 or more, you can link to several electronic devices at the same time through a network cable.
Step 3:Set the Wi-Fi name and link password according to the router manual
Step 4:Turn on WLAN (Android device) or Wi-Fi (iOS device) on the device connected to Wi-Fi,and find the Wi-Fi name, enter password and click Connect to the network.
How to Fix cannot display Wi-Fi list issue righ now in an  Android box?
Just upgraded from 2.4G network to 5G network, all electronic devices in the house can connect to Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi list is not displayed on the Android box. what should I do?
Step 1:Test the Android box to see if there is any problem.
1.Close and restart the android box. (Android tv box: settings-Network & Internet-turn on Wi-Fi and wait 8-15 seconds-Linkable Wi-Fi list display-Click on the Wi-Fi link and enter the password.)
It still cannot display Wi-Fi list.
2.Add a network manually. (Android tv box: settings-Network & Internet-Add new network-enter name of Wi-Fi network- password for XX-enter)
It cannot be added manually.
3.Use a network cable to link the broadband output port to the set-top box input port.
If set-top box still doesn’t work, maybe there is some problem with this set-top box and need to contact the seller.
If Android box can connect to the network and work normally, it means that there is no problem with our set-top box
Step 2:The box is able to connect to the network via a network cable, but via Wi-Fi cannot display the Wi-Fi list.
Refer to the router manual to adjust the signal channel of the router. The following are the setting steps of one of the routers.
1.Log in the background of the router (mobile phone or computer) 
2.Click ‘Wireless Settings’
3.Click ‘2.4g /5G’— 
4.Click ‘Wireless channel’ 
5.Select the value according to the acceptable signal channel interval in the country. For example, the standard interval of a certain country’s signal channel is 12-41. You only need to select a value greater than 12 and less than 41.
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