How to Download IPTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

What is the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Amazon Fire Tv Stick is a media streaming device and a full-featured Streaming player which lets you stream video, install apps, play music, etc on your tv.

The Fire Stick is shaped like a USB flash drive of small size and plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port and it converts your Normal TV to a smart TV.

You can install android apps on the device and watch movies and TV shows from popular streaming apps like YouTube and play games, enjoy music too.

The biggest advantage of Firestick is that it allows smart TVs that cannot download and install third-party applications to download at will.

How to download IPTV Streamers on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Step 1: Download And Install the “Download” APP

1. Turn on the TV to “Home”

2. Click “Find” on the remote control or your BPR1S Air mouse

3. Use your Remote Control or 2.4G G10S Air Mouse Remote with Voice function, click the “Downloader” letters one by one through the buttons, or quickly locate each letter of “Downloader” through the gyroscope gravity sensor and click one by one, or use the voice function directly, Say “Downloader” aloud to the voice-receiving end of the 2.4G G10S Remote Control.

Then click “Downloader” for download

 Step 2: Open App Permissions: Setting-My Fire TV – Developer options – ADB debugging ON – Install unknown apps – Download ON- File Explorer ON

1. Back on the TV Home or click “Home” the key on your Remote Control, use your remote to select the Setting icon or “setting”.

2. Find “My Fire TV” on the Setting page and click it

3. Click “Developer option”

4. Click “ADB debugging”: From “OFF” to “ON”

5. Click “Install unknown apps”

6. Click “Downloader”: From “OFF” to “ON”

7. Click “File Explorer”: From “OFF” to “ON”

Step 2: New Fire TV Interface (Software version and newer)
Open App Permissions: Setting>Device>Developer options>Apps from Unknow Sources

New Fire TV Interface (Software version and newer)

Step 3: Open the “Download” App, Enter the IPTV Download Site, Select the IPTV You Want to Install, Click Download And Install

1. On the “Home” screen press the “APP” option or SELECT to view all of your apps and channels

2. Find the “Downloader” App in the “your apps and channels” interface

3. Enter IPTV app download link to “Enter a URL or Search Term”

4. After searching the IPTV apk download link, select the IPTV APK you want to download and click “Download”, such as “Iview HD for STB Download”


5. Go back to the “your apps and channels” interface and select the Iview HD app

6. Click “Install unknown apps”

7. Click “iview HD”: From “OFF” to “ON”

8. Then you can log in with your iview HD IPTV subscription code

If you want to Free trial for Iview HD/Iview HD Plus, kindly contact me. 


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