Fibremedia Tu160 Singapore Box can run VPN on it?

Q1: For the Fibremedia Tu160 Singapore Box, would I be able to connect it to my computer monitor?
A: Yes, it can connect to the computer as your computer with a TV display. But if the computer is an ALL-in-one machine, it can’t connect. If the computer is one main machine plus one screen, the screen can connect with the box.

Q2: For the Fibremedia Tu160 Singapore Box, is there a way to run VPN on it?
A: Yes, it’s OK to run VPN on it. Normally, it doesn’t need to connect VPN, only connect to the internet, it would work.

Q3: Can it stream both the sports channels?
A: Yes, can.

Q4: How long would the delivery be?
A: Normally, we ship it out by express today once get the order. You would get it within 3 to 5 days.

Q5: How to buy the Fibremedia Tu160 Singapore Box?
A: Pay for this link:

WeChat / WhatsApp: +86 150 1413 0100


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