Can a subscription account be used on multiple devices?

Most of all IPTV subscription account can log in different devices, but can’t log in at same time.

Why does an IPTV subscription username and password not work on multiple devices at same time?

Before you subscribe to IPTV, you must consult your IPTV seller if you can log in to multiple devices at the same time.

The answer from most IPTV providers is no, and the reasons they give are nothing more than the following points.

1. When an IPTV account is watching Streaming Live channels on multiple devices at the same time, the Live streaming may experience lag, delay, black screen, etc.

It is not because the server is unstable, but when one account is logged in with multiple devices, it is equivalent to several people dividing up limited resources, which is far inferior to one person using all the resources.

2. When multi connecting on 1 account can block your username and IP address. The worse situation is that the IP address will be blocked.

3. Activation methods include IPTV code, username and possword, IPTV M3U Url. Among them, IPTV code is the most stable, more complicated and more expensive activation method. IPTV M3U Url is the one with lower cost and poorer stability activation method.

Now a family has at least one TV, one mobile phone, one computer and one tablet, and hope to log in to the account on each device to watch Live channels, VOD, Movies, Series, etc.

When you buy Iview HD Plus IPTV 12 months Subscription code, then you can pay 60% OFF price to buy Sub-Device Code to activate more devices for your family, max at 4 devices in total (1 Master Device and 3 Sub-Devices). One Sub-Device Code is for one Device only.

This means that your family only needs to pay for the sub-account to log in with another account to experience the same functions. This is a great way to save money.

How to use Sub-Device Code? How to activate the Second / Third devices?

1. Installed Sub-Device apk on the Sub Device (the second/third device).

2. Bind Sub-Device to Master Device(the first device) by inputting subscription code which ever been used on Master Device.

3. Fill in Sub-Device Code to the Second/Third Devices, after Sub-Device code has been recharged, can watch Live Channels & VOD directly.

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